Spicy, sexy black hair rules!

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I’m so happy to see that as far as the eye can see, black women are taking the world by storm with the power of their hair!  From Harlem to the Bronx and Brooklyn (the U.S. trend-setting areas par excellence), black women are expressing themselves with hair that’s turning heads while leaving other ethnic groups wondering what the hell is going on and why they’re left out.


One type of style where I see a fierce statement being made is with big, full, sexy hair. You have no idea how much this means to me as a Caribbean hairstylist.  Back in 2011 I wrote an article encouraging African (Black) women to leave straight long hair behind.  Both in the mainstream press and on the streets, straight hair (natural, wigs or extensions) ruled for years, leaving everyone,  no matter your skin color, just looking kinda the same (hair wise).


In my article I encouraged readers to travel back in time to look at divas like Dianna Ross, Donna Summer, Grace Jones (and many more) who were serving hair that was sexy, big and chic! And although many of them wore wigs, they still worked that hair into a frenzy with style and sex appeal that left the world begging for more.


Grace Jones

I believed then, and even more now, that a black woman’s hair should have life or they should have no hair at all. Gone are the days when a single “look” was the norm. Oh no, honey, now there are always many different looks on one subway car in New York and the majority of the best styles are coming from black hair.

Last week I was waiting for a connecting flight from Trinidad to Tobago, and at the counter waiting with me were five of my Caribbean sisters with their curves, full lips and spiciness.  It was a black hair style extravaganza! One woman had a mountain of braids, one a short cropped wig, one an Afro, the other a shaved head and the last, well I’ll let this pic do the talking….

big hair

Her hair was so big that she blocked half of the airline counter. And I loved every strand of it!

Honestly it’s so refreshing to see that in this culture most women are leaving hair trends behind and using every opportunity to express their individuality with braids, Afros, shaved heads, different types of locks, GI’s military cut, shaved heads, curls, buns that are larger than life (just to name a few).


Tomorrow is a new day and I say to these and all women, express yourself and let your hair lead the way!




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