Hair Painting for the Woman who Loves the Beach

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Today I want to share the story of a young, beautiful, mixed race girl who grew up in Florida, now living in NYC and enjoying life in the city. Since she moved here, her sense of style has evolved.

When she walked into the salon, I could see how beautiful she was and her gorgeous hair. She has Korean and German heritage, with rich color and a great skin tone. The one thing she misses from Florida is the year-round beach life: “My hair would always get lighter with the year-round sun and salt”. We agreed that a lighter highlight would elevate her hair, maybe the lightest she ever had!



To play up her hair’s individuality, I painted it in a way that it can be worn in its natural state (air dried) with a middle part, either side, ponytail, or messy updo. In other words, it does not have to be a perfect blowdry to look great.

Photographer- Photo by Cassie


This is the thing I love about NYC. Women come in from all over the world to become part of something and they unexpectedly transform to a NYC woman.

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Making a Warm Blond Cool Again

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In the past, my client was used to having her hair highlighted with foils. Because her natural base color is not very dark, I thought this would the perfect opportunity to balayage her highlights.  I asked what blond tones she preferred when having her hair colored. We both agreed that more cool tones would be ideal since she already had so much gold in her hair and it was not particularly complimentary to her skin tone.

As a basic rule, if a woman has a lot of red in her skin tone, we add cooler tones to her blond, and visa versa. As I painted, I kept in mind that I wanted to utilize her natural base color, rather than over-highlighting her hair, leaving her looking too blond and having to run back to the salon in 6 weeks.

Because of her texture, color and the fact that she loves to wear her straight, I decided to shampoo with the Orlando Pita Play Pearl Foaming Shampoo to help calm her hair giving it control and shine.

To condition I used the Silk Slip Smoothing Conditioner, which further hydrates and smoothes the hair. This line works incredibly well on the thickest frizzy hair so, depending on the client, use sparingly.

And to end her time at the sink, I rolled in the big guy- the Satin Pillow Overnight Hair Mask. Talk about the hair melting in my hands! By the time I leave the sink, it’s a changed head of hair.

To blow dry, all I needed was one product which is generally not the norm. But because the hair was so well treated with the previous products, my job was made a lot easier. The Well Behaved Anti-Frizz Cream Serum is like magic. It smells amazing, the hair absorbs it easily and it works well.

In the end, her hair felt great and the client was happy.

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Warm Balayage at Orl’o Salon

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My beautiful client had four requests: keep the length; keep the long layers; keep the movement; and don’t make her hair feel sparse on the ends. Because her hair is fine-medium, I decided on a technique to create longer layers while keeping thickness at the ends. For color, she requested some warmth and a little brightness, we did balayage and a color gloss to ad shine and bring the whole tone together.

Photographer- Photo By Cassie

At the sink, I started with the Orlando Pita Play Full Foam Volumizing Shampoo, which I love. It’s light weight and has proteins that the hair really needs. It also has no sulphates, which is even better for fine, color-treated hair.

Now for the conditioning treatment…

Big Revival Bodifying  Hair Mask. THISSSSS!!! Is what we call hair crack…  I literally have clients with fine hair buying this three or four jars at a time- especially women with color-treated hair.


For styling, I used Orlando Pita Play Body Breakthrough. It’s ideal for her very long, fine hair. This product can be used on wet or dry hair and provides body that lasts.

I really believe a woman’s strongest asset is her individuality, so I always pay attention to the client’s natural beauty and try to compliment it.

Any questions, please feel free to ask! For an appointment please call Orl’o salon : 212-242-3266.

Have a great hair day!

Antonio Francisco Gonzales

My Client Salon Makeover

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My client requests subtle highlights and longer layers. Her hair is dark and curly with lighter ends from a previous color, so we decided on balayage that was natural yet had a obvious pop of color. As for the haircut, she generally wears her hair straight so I decided on layers that were not too long.


Photographer- Photo By Cassie

At the sink I used Orlando Pita Play, Pearl Foam Smoothing Shampoo. With this product, a little goes a long way. As you pump the product into your hands, the smell alone gets to you. When you start shampooing you can feel the product almost caressing the hair. It’s lovely!!!

The Silk Slip Smoothing Conditioner is everything! It tames the most difficult head of hair. You can literally feel the coarseness melt away.

And the Satin Pillow Over Night Hair Mask is a luxurious product and the hair loves it. The smell. The way the hair is so easy to comb and the shine. This line is a must have for curly hair.

For styling I used Orlando’s Anti-Frizz Well Behaved Serum. This makes the most unruly hair with frizzy attitude, and makes her behave like a the good girl she was meant to be 🙂

At the root I used the Body Breakthrough Volume Boosting Spray. Honey, this will add life and lift to any hair type. It supports the root like the earth supports a tree (I know, I’m dramatic)…

I love coloring brunettes. There are so many ways to enhance darker hair and so many tones can be used. I hope you like this and feel free to ask any questions and make an appointment at Orlo Salon: 212-242-3266.


Antonio Francisco Gonzales


My Free NYC Makeover

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On my daily commute to work, I’m always observing people’s hair on the train. I love some of it and sometimes I think: “I wish I could do their hair!” As a result, I decided to start my own project called The NYC Makeover. The idea is to offer a makeover to strangers in the street whose current look does not highlight their assets. We then do a consultation on the street and I give them my card to follow up with a makeover.

Here is my first makeover of a lovely young lady I met in my neighborhood in Washington Heights. I thought she was so beautiful but her hair was not!



Her existing color consisted of layers and layers of black and red "box color"


The beginning of her balayage

1) First, thank you for saying yes to my makeover offer. Were you surprised when I asked?
– Yes. It was totally unexpected! I thought “who was this crazy person.”

2) What is the biggest challenge you’ve had with your hair over the years?
– Apart from never getting the right color, calming my frizz and curls have been a huge problem. I love my hair straight so that makes it even more difficult. I never know which products I should get so I just use the same thing I’ve always used.

3) What is your worst hair experience?
– It was when I tried to go from black to red. My hair ended up being 4 different colors, I was so mad, LOL!

4) How did you feel when you saw your finished hair in the mirror?
– I felt like a whole new woman. It really brought my confidence back, I’m so happy.

5) What is the most important thing you learned about your hair during our makeover experience?
– That I have to treat my hair with love and care, if I don’t I will never have the long gorgeous hair I want.

6) Did you think lightening your hair would work so well?
– I didn’t think that lightening my hair would take that much time, even though I had 4 different colors on my hair. But every single time Antonio did my hair, I would always come out looking better. The result are flawless.

7) Will you listen to my advice and use good shampoos and conditioners no matter the cost?
– Of course. It’s really important to look after your hair if you color and blow-dry often. Thanks to your advice my hair is still stable and hasn’t been falling out.

8) What do your friends say about your hair?
– Everyone love’s it. I look like a brand new person. Every time I walk down the street, I get compliments on my hair. An acquaintance recently asked how much the wig cost me because my hair looked so good!


This was a lot of fun for me. This transformation was not an easy one, but it was a fun challenge.

Readers I hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for my next NYC Makeover, who knows it may be you!