Layage Hair Color Review

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A few months ago a top European hairstylist asked my opinion on layage, a very popular hair coloring technique. Our conversation inspired this article. Before I share my answer, let’s touch on balayage, a hair painting technique that has been around for decades. Any type of lightening done by a stylist who paints the hair freestyle is based on balayage. It’s important to know that originally, balayage was not a “look” (as in a passing trend); it started as a way to color hair with blending from the root area that was very natural. There was no need to run back to […]

Spicy, sexy black hair rules!

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I’m so happy to see that as far as the eye can see, black women are taking the world by storm with the power of their hair!  From Harlem to the Bronx and Brooklyn (the U.S. trend-setting areas par excellence), black women are expressing themselves with hair that’s turning heads while leaving other ethnic groups wondering what the hell is going on and why they’re left out.   One type of style where I see a fierce statement being made is with big, full, sexy hair. You have no idea how much this means to me as a Caribbean hairstylist.  […]

The Top Knot is no More.

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First let me state my disclaimer, “A woman’s strongest asset is her individuality.” Therefore, I encourage every woman to be herself. But if you’re the woman wanting to be on “trend” (or fad) then be aware of the media misleading you. I was in Germany thumbing through an international Fashion Magazine when I saw something that really surprised me. It was a full page on trends that are popular today. One trend that shocked me was the Top Knot, a messy bun smack on the top, middle of the head. It can be big or small it really depends on […]